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Re: VTwin Tuners in the UK
« on: May 14, 2021, 12:54:02 pm »
No turbo on this one but it is supposedly a bored out Patrick Racing kit installed with velocity stacks. Not sure which one or if the cams were done as it's had a hard life and the previous owner was also working on hearsay. I do recall it being on the old MT Forum and i'm pretty sure the OG owner did a lot of work on it.

 I did get a basic dyno tune with the standard headers and Remus end cans last year but it really needed the full akra system at a minimum to let it breath a bit easier. The guy who did the initial dyno did say the head looked like it had been flowed etc and the right hand dyno feels very different to the S2 one i also have.

I did warn John that it had a colourful past!

I'll keep you posted.


PS - Ill need to work on the handling when i get it back. I really don't like the short Rizoma bars and risers. It's not too bad if you push it hard but the S2 is sweeter handling. It may also be the Metz tyres as i'm a Michelin man!